Limitless City

In Nolimit City, you can play games that are bursting at the seams with bonus content and thrills.

When it comes to gambling software, Nolimit City isn’t exactly a household name. However, it is a rock-solid corporation that creates equally rock-solid games. Punk Rocker, Manhattan Wild, Harlequin Carnival, and Deadwood are just a few of the popular games that we have previously covered here at CasinoFever.

The origins and evolution of Nolimit City

In 2013, a group of Swedish professionals decided to go out on their own and form Nolimit City. Even while they may have taken some inspiration from the world of poker for their brand name, Nolimit actually makes slot machines.

Nolimit City spent a few years developing its infrastructure before launching its debut game, the five-reel video slot Creepy Carnival, in 2015. After the popularity of that game, the developer went on to create many others, including the critically acclaimed Space Arcade, Oktoberfest, Sushi Mania, and BBQ Frenzy.

Mobilebet realized it was on the right track when, in 2017, it featured Space Arcade in a television advertisement in Sweden and Norway. Since then, Nolimit City has expanded to the point where its games are now featured in hundreds of online casinos across the globe.

Although the number of employees at Nolimit City is currently relatively low, the company has made a significant impact in its field. The company’s headquarters remain in Sweden, but it has opened up new locations in Malta and India, with further expansion anticipated.

Free slots from No Limit City

We have listed a few games by name, but in order to understand what makes this creator special, you need to actually play their games. Creepy Carnival, the first game released by Nolimit City, was an instant hit with fans and critics alike. This fun and exciting carnival-themed slot game had it all: sticky wilds, re-spins, multipliers, and a Star Spin feature.

If you compare it to Space Arcade, which came out around a year later, you’ll see that the quality is still there but the slot is completely new. This three-reel slot machine’s oversized graphics were clearly inspired by classic arcade games from the 1980s, like Space Invaders and Tetris. Add to that Space Arcade’s innovative Winged Wild feature and tastefully fitting sound effects, and it’s easy to see why it became so popular.

And there you have it: variety and originality are the two pillars upon which Nolimit City rests. There is a sense of discovery with each new release from the developer, and that’s because each game is truly unique. Since games aren’t mass-produced like movies are, players can expect to have an engaging and novel experience with each one.

All of the games in Nolimit City have a high standard of quality. Since this isn’t the most prolific studio, don’t count on a new release from them every week—or even every month. Every game is designed to provide the best possible experience in terms of graphics, sound, extras, and gameplay.

As we mentioned before, playing the games is the greatest way to get a feel for all of this. If you want to know what this company is known for, you should start with their early releases. Then, check out some newer releases to show that Nolimit is just as dedicated to innovation as they were back then.

If you’re looking for particular suggestions, Book of Shadows could be a good place to start. This is a fantastic slot machine game in which you can adjust the number of rows of reels between three and five before each spin.

Milky Way is a space-themed slot machine that was the first to include the innovative Nolimit Bonus. Instead of expecting to get three scatter symbols and activate the bonus feature (in this case, Milky Way Spins), you may instead purchase it whenever you like.

The xNudge feature is the main focus of Warrior Graveyard, a highly atmospheric 2020 release. When a stacked wild occurs on reels two, three, four, or five, the reel will be nudged to make room for as many of those symbols as possible. The Nolimit Bonus that was just discussed is also how you can purchase the Graveyard Spins or Death Spins features in this slot machine.






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